About us

ORBAN TEHNIKA was founded 32 years ago, more precisely 27.02.1991. We are specialized in distribution of products in the field of electro-mechanical components for the industry with a special accent on the area of rail vechiles, shipbuilding, process and other similar extremly demanding industry.

What we can offer?

We are positive that our vast experience, range of existing solutions that we have encountered in previous operations, may also help your business. We offer assistance in all of your current and future projects, both in the initial stages of development ideas, as well as the realisation of each of the most demanding projects.

Therefore we invite you to briefly meet with us and our program distribution through our web site and web pages of our principals in order to get insight into the width of all of our products .

Our mission

To maintain a leading role in the distribution of electro-mechanical components for rail vechiles. Education of our partners through the home trade shows and coferences with the aim of informing about the news and new products from our distribution program.

Our vision

To become a partner to all current and future customers of our distribution program through active participation during the design, layout and construction of major projects.

Our goal is technical assistance in choosing the most adequate components in order to achieve maximum functionality at minimum cost.